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10 Essential Tips For Hiking With Fido Tick spray Pup and Dog

10 Essential Tips For Hiking With Fido Tick spray Pup and Dog


A natural anti tick spray, mouth drops to keep her mouth smelling fresh and just clean when she's chomping outdoors and heal care support for her paw pads ...

10 Essential Tips For Hiking With Fido

10 Essential Tips For Hiking With Fido

Want to take Fido on a camping trip with you? Make sure that you both

How Old Should My Puppy Be Before They Hike? Hiking TipsCamping TipsPet ...

If your dog is exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion, try to keep them as cool as possible until you can get them to the vet.

Five Cool Games You Can Teach Your Dog

10 Important Safety Tips for Hiking with Your Dog In Winter

Dog hiking at White Mountain, New Hampshire.By: stefatty, flickr

For ...

10 Tips for Hiking with Dogs

flickr, TheGiantVermin. Hiking with dogs ...

Are you thinking about taking your dog along on your next camping trip? Bringing Fido camping can be a lot of fun if you're properly prepared.

Hiking with Dogs: 9 Insider Tips for Newbies

A Basic Guide to Hiking with Dogs

paw pad ointment for dogs

10 Tips for Hiking and Backpacking with Your Dog

Dog Camping Tips

Man backpacking with dogs in the forest

Ultimate Guide to Hiking with Dogs, Mom Explores The Smokies

When You Want to Go Hiking but Your Dog Hates the Car

7 tips to prevent ticks on Fido

Heal Your Pup's Wounds & Soften Paws With DIY Fido's Boo-Boo Balm

Take Your Dog Hiking

Dog Camping Tips

Dog Camping Tips

6 Essentials for Hiking with Dogs

how to hike with your dog

Best Dog Shampoo for Dogs - Top Dog Tips

A woman applying a treatment for tick on her dog

A fitness tracker for dogs? We snickered, too, but one tester said that monitoring her 10-year-old mutt's exercise (or lack thereof) helped get him in ...

Image showing a medium dog looking at a woman while walking

Financing Your Puppy: 7 Things to Consider Before Getting a New Pet


road trip

Dog Seatbelt

Dog ...

Cut weight on your next trip by packing in dehydrated dog food rather than bulky kibble. EasyRaw's key ingredient is freeze-dried raw meat, which guarantees ...

How to Hike With an Older Dog

How Often Do I Need to Give My Dog a Flea Tablet?

Keep Your Dog Happy With These 10 Pup Parenting Tips

dog park, no dog park, dog, puppy, exercise

Common Problems + Good Solutions

Ticks can attach to both dogs and humans, and are quite tricky to remove. Unfortunately, due to fur, ticks are hard to identify if they latch onto your ...

hiking with dogs

Coprophagia Prevention in Dogs

10 Reasons You Should Be Hiking With Your Dog

Image showing a Natural Flea and Tick Prevention fog dogs and a dog in the background

young dog wearing backpack

Dog Camping Tips

Backpacking with Dogs infographic

Also, have a recent photo of your dog on hand so you can show other hikers what they look like.

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Want to have your pup try one of Petcurean's tasty & nutritious recipes? Right now you can get $5 off coupon on any bag of NOW FRESH, GATHER or GO!

What is the Best Dog Shampoo

Dog Camping

How to Introduce a New Puppy To a Cat

Benefits of Walking Your Dog and Why Fido Needs One


Also note that at least one hour should pass between feeding your dog and vigorous exercise (and vice-versa), especially in large, deep-chested breeds.

Deaf and Partially Blind Senior Dog Protects Toddler Lost In Australian Bush For 15 Hours ...


Dog Flea & Tick Control

Water is definitely an important part of any distant travel for you and your dog. Some dogs are fine with drinking out of your hand, but a better option is ...

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One of Eva's Play Pups Countryside Dog Camp's counselors, Kaitlyn, is an avid hiker. She will share some of her tips, tricks and favorite gear and products ...

Adventures with Fido: How to Camp with Your Dog

Dr. ...

New Puppy for Christmas

natural anti tick spray for dogs

Image source: @VinothChandar via Flickr

Note that many dog owners wait until the dog is at least a year old before taking him on a strenuous hike to give the puppy's growing muscles, ...

Just as children do, dogs go through early developmental stages in their lives that are reflective of their physical and mental capabilities. A puppy can ...

At the recent Felix n'Fido Bring Me Home Adoption Festival cats weren't

8 Natural Ways To Keep Ticks Off Your Pets

Huskies ...

Some extreme fun went down with our pups and doggies before the Big Game.

taking rest breaks while hiking with dogs

More and more people are letting Fido and Sassy cuddle up with them at night in their bed. It's estimated that 79% of pet owners co-sleep with their pets.

Visits to Your Veterinarian are Vital

10 Essential Items for Camping with Your Dog

2014 has truly been my year of hair care. I have learned so much about hair care and what my hair really needs to be healthy, and am seeing results I have ...

woman with dog in wilderness

Winter officially arrives this month, and snow already whitens the Wasatch. Sure, it's nippier outside, but you can still take Fido out for walks and hikes.

... Patio Pooch Menu offered at the hotel restaurant's patio (or in-room) and a Heavenly™ Dog Beds so Fifi and Fido are as comfortable as their human.

10 Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Dog