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1Kuki or Lushai chief2Shendu warrior3Manipuri sepoy Asian

1Kuki or Lushai chief2Shendu warrior3Manipuri sepoy Asian


1:Kuki or Lushai chief.2:Shendu warrior.3:Manipuri sepoy.

Pre-Colonial Warfare: 1:Warrior defending a pa.2:Naked warrior.3:Ariki chief. | Osprey Publishing 2 | Pinterest | Warfare

1:Khamti warrior.2:Garo warrior.3:Khasia warrior.

Chinese; Rifleman, Huai Army, 1894. Irregular Cavalryman, N.Border Army, 1895 & Spearman, Ma Yu-Kun's Army, Korea, 1894

D.1:Cavalryman of the 'Prodromoi'.2:Infantryman,camp

Nyungu-Ya-Mawe's Ruga Ruga,c.1880. 1,2 &

1:Drum-Horse and Kettle Drummer,11th King Edward's Own Lancer (Proby's

Oudh & Rohilkand,March-Aug.1858: 1:Driver,RHA.

1:Sepoy,Rifle Company,41st Bengal Native Infantry.2:Sowar,

Chinese 1900 1:Chinese regular.2:Tigerman.3&4:Boxer rebels.

"Une série de vues en Birmanie prises pendant la mission de Major Phayre à la Cour d'Ava en 1855" par Colesworthy Grant. "

Volga Bulgarian Khanate under the Mongols, XIV century Volga Bulgar nobleman Ugrian warrior Mongol warrior of the Golden Horde, early XIV century

Jagirdari horseman, 1799–1849

Han Dynasty cavalry

Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire Battle of Otumba 1520 Engraving 1875

Hehe warriors from the Iringa region of southern Tanzania

Indian archer in full armor, 15th century

1:Red Heart Bull.2:Two Moon.3:Brave Wolf.

Pai-Marire Movement,1860s: 1:Maori warrior,c.1865.2:

Northern Dynasties of China Centuries. Cataphract and armoured archer.

ETHIOPIAN WARRIORS 1:Infantry swordsmen.2:Infantry officer,Tigre.3:

1&2:Warriors.3:Chief Home Heke Pokai of the

1:Sepoy,45th (Rattray's Sikh) Regiment,Bengal Native Infantry,1879.2

тан · ArmiesSkyrimMongoliaTibetWarriorsDarknessKoreaChinese

Dahomey Warriors in the 1890´s

Chinese; Ankuochun Troops 1927

Sinhala Warrior with an "Angam kettha"

Chinese Army

JYC Toy - KLG003 & KLG004 - 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure - Ming Dynasty

Miscellaneous warriors,1890s. 1:Somali,'Mad Mullah' campaigns.2

1:Kuki or Lushai chief.2:Shendu warrior.3:Manipuri sepoy. | Osprey Publishing 2 | Pinterest

Manipuri horseman - Military history of Burma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Manipuri horseman (

Ancient Chinese infantry during the Qin Dynasty

Marek Szyszko. Chu—Han war (206 - 202 BC). Liu Bang

Mayan warriors.

1:Frontier Police,c.1848-68.2:Frontier Police,c.

pantmonger: “ Rashinat, my human Pretty dissatisfied with it, quite dull. So am going to do a more dynamic take.

Indian Paintings, Pride, Canvas, Maje, Army, Military, Tela, Canvases, Armies

Muslim warriors led by the Umayyad caliphate general Tariq ibn Ziyad during the conquest of the Visigothic Kingdom in Spain and Portugal

Chinese infantry during the Ming Dynasty

Pa-O ethnic minority group . Myanmar

Nandi Warriors, live mainly in highland areas of the Nandi Hills in the former Rift

Armoured Chinese horseman, Southern Dynasty

92nd (Gordon) Highlanders,1860s 1:Major Forbes McBean.2:Piper

Chinese Gordon

royal marines boxer rebellion - Google Search

From a book with the title: "De pionniers der beschaving in Nederlands Indie"

1:Angami Naga warrior.2:Eastern Naga warrior.3:Lhota Naga

Osprey Men-at-Arms 379 - Armies in East Africa 1914–18

"Wako surrender to Koreans on Tsushima, 1389" Richard Hook

1:Kuki or Lushai chief.2:Shendu warrior.3:Manipuri sepoy. See more. Manchu Horse Archers and Muslim Uighur Cavalry

Rana del Sinhala warrior in chain-mail - based on the flag of Puran appu

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Chinese clothing is one of the most unique elements of Chinese culture. And through the years history of China ancient Chinese clothing has seen great ...

Lushai Girls.


Chinese general and cavalrymen of the Ming Dynasty


Meet the Palaungs, ethnic minority villages around Hsipaw, Myanmar. Bachpacking Burma on a

Hsipaw311012_147 by JohnMawer, via Flickr

1:Somali askari.2:Masai elder

Dahomean female warriors by Angus McBride

January 1592 – 22 January was the fifth Mughal Emperor of India. He is also known as Shah Jahan I. He ruled from 1628 until

Franco-Chinese forces during the Taiping Rebellion, China

British; Madras Foot Artillery, Gun Lascar, 1846

How about a Southeast Asia - Total War?

Combat between Chinese and British troops, First Opium War.

World war 1 alliances essay about myself About alliances 1 war myself World essay Research papers on data mining pdf 2012 version essay on doctor in hindi ...

Decorative Accents: Indoor Accents - One Kings Lane

Lucknow & Cawnpore,Nov.1857-March 1858: 1:Pte.,

1:Kuki or Lushai chief.2:Shendu warrior.3:Manipuri sepoy. | Osprey Publishing 2 | Pinterest

Collodion Emulsion (Wet Plate) Photo on Glass from OLD JAPAN (3) by

Sarmatian Queen Amage ruled on behalf of her husband in the Century BC. After a neighboring Scythian prince continued to ignore her demands to stop raiding ...

Soldiers of the Gold Coast Regiment outside the regimental HQ at Kumasi, 1912.by Richard Simkin. A drummer, two privates and two officers in field service ...

Chinese Boxers, Boxers Uprising

Cham warrior 2

Lushei Kuki Clans by Lt. Colonel J. Shakespear (The Library of University of California Riverside) | Tklen Haokip - Academia.edu

inca-warrior-with-ax.jpg (425×425)

Find this Pin and more on The Garden of Kama by Inspiration for Tékumel.

In Hsipaw

Raksha Warrior

Weapons and Warfare throughout history and the analysis of doctrine, strategy and tactics.

Empress Cixi in court

As one of the foremost historical artists, Larry Selman combines personal passion, unsurpassed talent, incredible attention to detail, and extraordinary ...

Philippines' BUNGISNGIS __ is a one-eyed giant. This Philippine folklore giant lives

Wild Frontier #01

Oceania: Malaysia. Auguste racinet, from Le costume historique (The costume history)