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Amberle and Eretria ltltlt THIS IS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OKAY

Amberle and Eretria ltltlt THIS IS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OKAY


Eretria and Amberle in Episode 7 - Breakline

Amberle and Eretria in "Breakline"

Eretria and Amberle

Wil and Amberle while in search of Eretria in Episode 8 - Utopia

Could this be the life Eretria was meant for? #Shannara

separated from Eretria

PykonShannara S1The Shannara Chronicles · The Shannara Chronicles: “Reaper” is a morass of upsetting writing choices

Photo Wil (Austin Butler), Amberle (Poppy Drayton), and Eretria (Ivana Baquero) hold tight onto a rope in this new still ...

shannara, eretria, and poppy drayton image

8. Eretria ...

'Shannara Chronicles' poll: Who do you think Eretria saw?

eretria x amberle


the-shannara-chronicles-pykon 5

Amberle gives Wil a weiiirrrddd look as she leaves the room and he's like wth you were holding my hand minutes ago.

Amberle tells Wil her fate in Episode 10 - Ellcrys

The Shannara Chronicles

'Shannara Chronicles' season 1 finale review

Evolution of Amberle.

... the standoff is interrupted when another demon swoops down and attacks. Wil's elfstones protect him, Amberle, and Eretria, but as we learned last week, ...

Eretria & Amberle + Worrying about each other

#TheShannaraChronicles 1x01/1x02 "Chosen" - Wil and Amberle

10. “

... Wil, and Eretria are now in the tunnels, continuing on their path of terrible decision making. At this point Amberle thinks splitting up is a good idea.

Ivana Baquero as Eritrea

Amberle wants to imprison Eretria, understandably, but Allanon balks at this, saying he knows that she was in Amberle's vision, having talked to Bandon by ...

Poppy Drayton as Amberle - I love her for her super expressive face

The Shannara Chronicles production still.

Princess Amberle and Eretria

Amberle. The Shannara Chrinicles. The Elfstones of Shannara.

Eretria goes from prisoner to savior on tonight's 'Shannara Chronicles'

There is one obvious choice: Amberle and Eretria!

mugglefourstiles100: “Left: Devon Bostick Right: Marcus Vanco THEY LOOK SO ALIKE IT

Could Poppy Drayton's Amberle Return For 'The Shannara Chronicles' Season Two? | Poppy Drayton, The Shannara Chronicles | Just Jared Jr.

Also joining the cast is Vanessa Morgan (Finding Carter) as Lyria, a young woman romatically linked to Eretria. Nice to see Eretria getting some love, ...

The costume design is on point too! They spear a full year in preproduction just on developing the costumes and sets.

Poppy Drayton (Princess Amberle) in Los Angeles, California.

Elfstones of Shannara | Eretria, Will and Amberle | Artwork by Roberta

Wil and Eretria

Poppy Drayton

THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES, "Breakline", February 9, 2016, Actors: Poppy Drayton, Ivana Baquero, The Scene: Eretria tends to Amberle's arm and they bond

Wil Amberle and Eretria


Shannara Poppy

TVShow Time - The Shannara Chronicles S01E06 - Pykon < < Amberle looks confused

The Cast

Poppy Drayton as Amberle Elessedil, Austin Butler as Wil Ohmsford, and Ivana Baquero as

Evie Frye (Syndicate) Ok, so this girl is just so awesome.

Wil and Amberle! Here's Austin Butler and Poppy Drayton at the New York Comic-

[Série] The Shannara Chronicles

Clean Slate: Meet the New Victoria Justice

vanessa-hudgens-austin-butler-cast-shannara-chronicles-premiere-36.jpg (826×1222)

The Shannara Chronicles season 1 finale recap: Ellcrys

... time-traveler from the 1940s who teaches him that women aren't property and who's firmly in command of her own sexuality? What's not to love about ...

Ellcrys Amberle Flower

Poppy Drayton as (Amberle Elessedil) #TheShannaraChronicles

The Shannara Chronicles

punk rock look. - For your punky bride or bridesmaids?

Las Crónicas de Shannara Poppy Drayton como Amberle Elessedil

Ty Wood - book character. This could perhaps be Wynn, but I don't really think soo.

Kirsty Griffin/Spike

Amberle and Eretria

Vanessa Hudgens Supports Austin Butler at 'Shannara Chronicles' Premiere

Poppie Drayton - The Shannara Chronicles

the shannara chronicles amberle dead

Crazy In Love (Beyoncé ...

Lyretria ( @lyretriachronicles )

#Shannara eretria'sacrifice ...

Still of Austin Butler and Poppy Drayton in The Shannara Chronicles (2016)

The Shannara Chronicles Ivana Baquero (Eretria) Jacket

I also really dig Poppy Drayton as Amberle, the Elven Princess. She's got a quiet strength that feels rare for a teen show, and when she's feisty, ...

... And they look gorgeous ...

Look at what OTH did with Nathan and Hayley…. they had drama galore to keep things juicy but even at their worst; ...


Amberle and Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles


On the latest episode of “The Shannara Chronicles,” we once again more or less picked up where we left off, with Wil, Amberle, and Eretria having fallen to ...

Poppy Drayton at Premier of the shannara chronicles (x-post r/PoppyDrayton)

Well, this is gratuitous.

My first experience with The 100 was at WonderCon 2016, which was, unfortunately, only a short while after Clarke's (Eliza Taylor) female love interest, ...

Tegan Brown

Eretria, the Elephant's Gluttony.

Love like art.

'The Shannara Chronicles': Our top 5 moments from 2×07 & 2

Pretty white girl side cornrow braids!

She is known for her roles in different dramas such as It's Okay, That's Love Cheese in theTrap Doctors

Allanon 🧝🏽 ♂ ——————————


I love art

This multi-plait look was created by the TRESemme team and the shimmering smoky eyes were courtesy of Maybelline. -Cosmopolitan.co.uk

James Van Der Beek