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Death and Tessa SPN Alphas Monsters Supernatural Beings

Death and Tessa SPN Alphas Monsters Supernatural Beings


Appointment In Samarra

Tessa. Human form; Reaper form


Tessa showing Dean the ropes


Supernatural - Rick Worthy as the Alpha Vampire

Death Takes A Holiday

Alpha Vampire


Dead...or are they?

[gifset] Monsters of Supernatural #SPN

At least Dean is getting good at covering up the Ezekiel thing. Wait. No, he's not. What's surprising is that Sam and Castiel didn't pick up on Dean's ...

9 best Tessa / Lindsey McKeon images on Pinterest | Supernatural, Occult and Supernatural episodes


Supernatural: Stairway to Heaven

Nature of Souls

I didn't know it was santa!

Lindsey McKeon Supernatural - Bing images | LINDSEY McKEON_TESSA ON SUPERNATURAL | Pinterest | Supernatural

Death and Tessa | SPN - Alphas, Monsters, Supernatural Beings | Pinterest | Death, Supernatural and Marvel

Appointment in Samarra - Lindsey McKeon as Tessa in SUPERNATURAL on The CW. Photo:

Vampires on Supernatural Photo: Alpha Vamp

This ...

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i think it is sad he never felt good above ground.and sacrificed himself to save sam. Find this Pin and more on SPN - Alphas, Monsters, Supernatural Beings ...

Season Six

Dean and Cassie

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List of Supernatural characters

Tessa (Lindsey McKeon)

Supernatural "Taxi Driver" Review: What the F*ck Are You Doing, Show?! - TV.com

Death holding Sam's Soul.

... the pure sassiness of Sam's hair


Dean after the defeat of Lucifer.

My single biggest problem with that solution is simply that Reapers don't seem to fit the mold of "monsters" as the show has presented them so far.


I leave the winter finale puzzled but not on tenterhooks for what happens next. Sam will be fine so I feel no tension there.


Pamela died guarding the boys' bodies as their spirits traveled through the veil to save a seal.


Supernatural: Keep Your Friends Close.

Death (left) and grim reaper Tessa (right) offer Dean a deal to

Ask Ausiello

8.19 Taxi Driver

Category:Creatures & Spirits

Castiel's vessel is taken over by the Leviathans.

April Kelly (Shannon Lucio)

Gavin MacLeod (son)

Like any alpha male, they wear their confidence like a lazy smile. They have it, there's no need to prove it.

Weird Things You Have To Explain To Supernatural Newbies

Details: Written by Bardicvoice: Category: Supernatural University: Created: 10 February 2014

Seraphs are angelic beings, Not much is known about them .. Zachariah is an example of a Seraph.

Supernatural: I'm No Angel


-HI TESSA!!!!! *FLAILS MORE* I'm going to sprain a wrist flailing, for serious here.

Dean spouts Latin and Tessa appears. Good to see you. She prefers Sudan and is ticked Dean summoned her. "You're kidding me. You died to ask for a favor.

The aftermath of the hellhound attack.

Castiel recaptures Dean in the Bunker.

After learning that Castiel, because he was the leviathans' original vessel, can tell the leviathans apart no matter what form they are in, ...


Alpha Demon

They didn't prey on humans; they simply collected souls as they died and facilitated their course to Heaven or Hell, ...

Billy Drago

Alpha Demon

2.01 In My Time of Dying

Death 10-10-2013 10-36-32 PM 1366x768

How did you mutilate your own mythology? Let me count the ways:


First appears in "Two Minutes To Midnight" (S05, E21).

photo tessa_zps645a963e.jpg


Photo 53

8.01 We Need to Talk About Kevin

Supernatural "Taxi Driver" Review: What the F*ck Are You Doing, Show?! - TV.com

7.01 Meet the New Boss

Dean is transported…somewhere…to be blasted by Tessa. "Wow, just let any slack-jawed haircut be Death these days.

What am I saying, Dean's been dead before, brain damage is for newbs. Bet Castiel's freaking a little though.

A Men of Letters episode marked Misha Collins' first turn behind the Supernatural camera in "Mother's Little Helper," and since we like Misha Collins and we ...

In a back room of a Chinatown??? (place cards please) butcher shop, Freddy Krueger, M.D. needs a refresher on sterilization and interpersonal relations.

Investigation Discovery to Revisit 'Son of Sam' Serial Killer Mystery in Docuseries

Really though, Dean was talking to Death, and if Death chose, he could've hung on long enough to pass that last bit of conversation. So Death is a bastard.

It never had stopped hurting, remembering when Will had died.

Heather S VinaSpoilersSupernaturaltelevision · supernatural-season-12-photos-49 [www.imagesplitter.net]

Seraphs are angelic beings, Not much is known about them .. Zachariah is an example of a Seraph.

The next day, Victor Rogers pulls the three from school and shows them a surveillance photo of a female vampire he claims killed Krissy's father.

Immediately after “As Time Goes By,” okay, but once they started bringing amnesiac pagan gods, their brain-dead girlfriends, ...

*is dead* *no seriously* *there was even gasping* *I really mean it. Dead like month old broccoli dead* HOLY CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!

Eileen's death was wrenching, sickening — as she was mauled by a Ketch-controlled hellhound. (Don't even ask. Crowley, what are you doing?

I Ran Over The Alpha by --DeadQueen--

A Day in the Life of Tessa – Being Alpha (Alpha Girl) by Aileen Erin ~ Giveaway – Angel's Guilty Pleasures