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Exodus abandons Omo Valley tours t

Exodus abandons Omo Valley tours t


Exodus abandons Omo Valley tours

The Omo Valley is home to eight different tribes numbering around 200,000 people in total. A number of other operators continue to offer itineraries to the ...

Ethiopia's Omo Valley tribes

Afrcian Dots face paint

Ethiopia: The Tribes of the Omo Valley


Hamer women. “

Mursi tribespeople in the Omo Valley

The Hamar (or Hamer) can be found in the Lower Omo Valley. One of the largest tribal groups in the region, the Hamar is a peaceful and friendly tr…


Ethiopia: Tribes Of The Omo Valley

Portrait of Hamer pouring milk. "

2-Ethiopia's vanishing tribes | Incredible photos of Ethiopia's vanishing tribes - Travel

Men from the Suri tribe take part in a "Donga" or stick fight in Ethiopia's southern Omo Valley regi.


Του πήρε 7 χρόνια για να φωτογραφίσει τις πιο σπάνιες αφρικανικές φυλές. Το αποτέλεσμα;



Women chatting. “

The Omo Valley, situated in Africa's Great Rift Valley, is home to an estimated

Meeting local tribes, top Ethiopia travel experience


Mursi portrait

Mursi tribe. "



Portrait of Suri woman lip plate and pot


The Omo river, dammed for the US$1.8 billion 1,870-MW Gibe III hydroelectric


SaySomething. “

Ethiopia Experience

4-Ethiopia's vanishing tribes | Incredible photos of Ethiopia's vanishing tribes - Travel

... able to look around and take in how the locals lived in what semed quite a harsh environment. It was only when the cameras came out that things became a ...



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Portrait of a woman tribe Borana in el sod the House Of Salt, volcanic lake, where they dig the black salt, Yabelo, region of Borana tribe, south Omo Valley ...


In one small South Omo village I was stunned to encounter another cyclist and a true veteran of the game. The Swiss man had clocked up over 60,000 km in ...


If you wanted a close-up portrait of people at the markets or villages (apart from the Daasanach village where there was a group deal, with hilarious ...

I continued to descend to the hot river basin. The temperature was consistently in the high 40's and in the sun I recorded 56.5 degrees Celcius.

Legend has it took around 23 years to build, but how it was accomplished truly boggles the mind and is one of those unexplained wonders of the world.

Ethiopian Explorer

Swiss school to build hotel training facility in Rwanda

We crossed the Omo River somewhat shakily in dugouts, and then walked a hundred yards to a Daasanach village. The Daasenach number about 48,000 and were ...

People power: BBC's 'Human Planet' provides a dramatic insight into humanity and the natural world


We were shown how to prepare kocho, the unleavened bread made from enset/ensete (false banana), which we had later for diner.

MDG: Ethiopia's forced villagisation scheme in Gambella province

Monday, 15 June 2015

Photos of Ethiopia

Ethiopian Airline-2

Beijing to share more of Great Wall with tourists

The rest of the morning through lunch was spent at the Ethnological Museum exploring Ethiopian Ethiopian history and heritage, including viewing and ...

I am so happy with my final look for the Graduation Show. I improved on all the things I was not happy with in my photoshoot.

I was previously in Lalibela during the 2008 trip with Nanci, Adam and Justin, and I knew this was an opportunity that the doctors and especially Tesfaye ...

Final Project Graduation Show

“2015—Ethiopia Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn at NY event on industrialization in Africa.

... Omo to Addis tour

Idol: Emuye is Yegnaís queen and the 'girl we'd all love to

This tour scheduled a cable car ride but weeks before a gondola had fallen off - Horrors for Hong Kong! Digressing - Just prior to us immigrating to ...

Foreword This second edition is more than just a guidebook, whether international or local. We have tried our best to uniquely enrichen the information from ...

My first day in my 'site clothes' I get to start doing tours (for the next 3 days)White aprons are worn when we give tours in the homes.

Next we visited a rural school which I also visited on my last trip in 2012 – it was fun pulling out my computer and showing a number of the school children ...

Zambia is fully engaged in the rehabilitation and subsequent release of lions back into the wild. This is not just an opportunity for the country to lend a ...

The Merlin staff were the first to offer me a stern warning of the security situation on my road ahead. I was planning to travel through a region in which ...

The Simien Mountains Trek: Timkat Festival. Exodus Travels


TPLF/EPRDF Regime a Contra to a Developmental State

Filed ...

Boeing 787 Dreamliner returns to service in Ethiopia flight

Eventually a bleary eyed Dan emerged, wondering how he was going to retrieve his windsurfing gear abandoned at the airport. So began two nights and barely ...

Exodus: The farmer claims villagers are being attacked by troops driving them from their land

Beere festival had assumed the overbearing superiority due to its communal collective recognition. In the ancient past, the festival is usually fixed in ...

Incredible Ethiopia - Timket Festival

“Red Leaves” Starring Debebe Eshetu


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The items commonly used for the sacrifice to Ogun include cooked beans, palm wine, kola nut, palm oil, roasted corn, yam and calabash full of water commonly ...

... Omo to Nairobi tour

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They would be transferred by Merlin to the Stabilisation Unit in the nearest hospital at Lodwar.

Addis Ababa Hilton

... at Victoria Falls Airport, Walter Mzembi, Minister of Tourism, stated that land had been allocated for a new Victoria Falls City. The city was to be ...

The Hamar (or Hamer) can be found in the Lower Omo Valley. One of the largest tribal groups in the region, the Hamar is a peaceful and friendly tribe.

We should be putting our western guilt to good use and pressuring government to regulate “investment” in the continent.

Omo change: Indigenous Karo children play in the sand on the banks of the Omo River in Ethiopia. The Karo people are entirely dependent on the river for ...

Protesters run from tear gas being fired by police during Irreecha, the religious festival in Bishoftu where at least 52 people died [Tiksa Negeri/Reuters]