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Genius Bar Folks Siri t Siri

Genius Bar Folks Siri t Siri



siri dirty 2

... Why am I here | by Matt Gemmell


Siri just told me to go fart on Genius Bar people at the Apple Store.

Siri featured

Q: Beam me up, Siri. A: Sorry Captain, your TriCorder is

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I had a question for Siri

Asking Siri what love is

Siri, why are we here? "I don't know, maybe the

Siri is weird!

Siri says the darnedest things: 50 questions for Apple's virtual assistant | Macworld


FullSizeRender 24. Siri ...

Siri best pickup line


Siri funny

FullSizeRender 21. How to make Siri ...

Techmeme: How Apple is redesigning the Genius Bar as “Genius Grove” to ease strain on Geniuses, serve customers faster, and alleviate overcrowding in its ...

'Siri' has many subtle, metaphorical, and frankly contradictory meanings. None of

Siri has mixed feelings about jailbreaking ...

Solar didn't work for me (left), but eventually—after a restart and a couple of hours of waiting—it started to function properly (right).

Samsung thinks it can do Apple's “Genius Bar” experience better, and it's teaming up with workspace-sharing outfit WeWork to make it happen.

I thought Siri was being a wise guy when I heard this response.

“Click to Enable 'Hey Siri',” he continued. I did as told, and we had a working Apple Watch again.

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There are times when you may not want to turn the entire VoiceOver system on, having Siri read every ...

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better… iPhone 5 Hype


This Guy Walked Away From The Genius Bar With A Drive Full Of Apple's Retail Secrets [Exclusive Pics]

Apple Store - 121 Photos & 89 Reviews - Mobile Phones - 247 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg - North Side, Brooklyn, NY - Phone Number - Yelp

Original Genius Bar configuration

When you arrive at an Apple Store, find an employee holding an iPad, who should be able to check you into your Genius Bar appointment.

JADAKISS: Why a nigga always want what he can't have? SIRI: I don't know, maybe the Genius Bar folks ...

Siri confirms that I want to call my sister (mobile) when I get home

6 years ago; Permalink · High Res. “Siri ...

Regardless, neither of us has any idea how Siri strayed from "opossums" to "'Million Dollar Matchmaker'." Evidently, this made Brenden wonder about Siri's ...

2. How Stewie (Family Guy) Uses Siri


Shuffle all apple music

JADAKISS: Why they ain't give us a cure for AIDS? SIRI: ...

Brenden didn't find her helpful and insisted that Siri actually answer his question and not just spew nebulous responses at him.

Siri Finds my Sketchbook by InsomniaQueen ...

You Can Now Get @AppleSupport on Twitter—If You're OK Waiting

JADAKISS: Why they let the terminator win the election? SIRI: ...

Apple HomePod white and black

If you don't want to use Siri, Google Now, or Cortana to find out what song is playing around you, Shazam is probably the best app you can use.

GeniusBar, It Replaces Doctors

This is quite an unfortunate thing to figure out after you reach your local Apple Store especially if the amount of stores are sparse in your area, ...

Siri funny

Samsung Takes On Apple's Genius Bar With 'Care Centers' At WeWork | Digital Trends

stupid-siri-1.jpg '

Apple charges the $29 replacement fee upfront, plus $6.95 for shipping, and any local taxes, and then sends you a postage paid box to send them your iPhone.

I continued to drink my wine as the cattiness ensued.

iPhone users in most countries can initiate the battery replacement process online by scheduling an appointment with the Genius Bar at an Apple Store.

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The ...

Reminders and Why Siri Rocks 'Em

Force Quit on iOS: Open the multitasking bar by double-pressing the Home button, then swipe up on the app window in question.

... Images and still manually download email embedded images. Scroll down to the very bottom of the message and click on Load All Images. You don't have ...

A list will appear with nearby Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers. To schedule an appointment, click on a store and choose an available ...

The Apps all appear to be there, as they will launch via a touch. But each request with Siri yields an error message like the ones you see pictured here.

Siri's voice recognition


The connection between the Apple Watch and the iPhone updated to iOS 9 seems good and solid. I notice none of the flakiness I saw before iOS 8.4.1.

The ...

I think she can give me a date, but she thinks she is going to plan my death.

The ...

The ...

New Genius Bar Configuration

OpenTable for iPhone make sit easy to book dinner reservations at thousands of restaurants in just a few taps. It also ties in with Siri which makes finding ...

New to iOS 7.1 is support for CarPlay, which is designed to use Siri voice commands and prompts to let you control certain apps, including Phone, Music, ...

Bill Gates invested $150 million in Apple in 1997 to save Apple from bankruptcy

amazon echo alexa

From geniuses to designers, chart reveals Apple salaries

The 40-year lock (click image to enlarge). David Carnoy/CNET

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Play piano on your MacBook Pro Touch Bar with Touch Bar Piano

According to reliable analyst KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo and 9to5mac, Apple is about to launch not one but two new hardware devices at its WWDC conference in a few ...

... app has been updated with a completely redesigned icon and all new layout inside the app to match the overall look and feel of iOS 7. If you haven't ...

I again found what I was looking for after typing "spectre and meltdown" into the search field. In the description under the second result, ...

11:58 PM - 7 Jan 2015

Scalpers Are Stealing All Of China's Genius Bar Appointments!

Self Aware Body of Water

JADAKISS: Why they come up wit the witness protection? SIRI: