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Genius Bitstrips t

Genius Bitstrips t



You ...

Bitmoji doesn't have a CPAP option so I have to incorporate my artistic genius

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Jarod can't resist in a little toying with Miss Parker! #ThePretender #

16 Bitstrips That Will Restore Your Faith In Bitstrips

Miss E, the Centre ASSMO created a great bitstrip to advertise the January 18th Live



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I can't stop my dancing feet! #Bitstrip #funny #comic #

Jarod has taken his “hiding” to a whole new level #ThePretender #ThePretenderLives


#Bitstrip #funny #comic #meme #cute

What Snapchat's most recent acquisition means for you - The American Genius

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Bitstrips News

Most of my Bitstrips revolve around stand-up comedy or my own self-loathing

#Bitstrip #funny #comic #meme

Unknown Genius knows no bounds

Bitstrips' executive team, as Bitstrip avatars. Blackstock is second from left. (

Acquisition de Bitstrips : les Bitmoji débarquent sur #Snapchat

#Bitstrip #Bitmoji #funny #comic #meme #lmao #lol

The Bitstrips team in its Toronto office. (courtesy Bitstrips)

Timeout Luvvie

I'm An Aspiring Cartoonist And I Drew This As A Response To All The



Here's Snapchat's official announcement:

New craze: More than 11 million users have downloaded the Bitstrips app which creates a


Because Sometimes You're a Caterpillar: Dope Video Alert

Here's How You Can Create Those Personalised Comic Strips That Are Popping Up All Over Facebook | Business Insider

11 Ways to use Bitstrips

It ...

My alarm didn't go off and I woke up 2 hours late. I did lay in bed thinking how nice it was to finally sleep in during ...

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#Bitstrip #Bitmoji #cute #comic #Halloween

Bitmoji CEO Jacbob Blackstock Bitstrips

I outsourced my emotions to a digital avatar. You should too.

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Bitstrips Catfish



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I have all sorts of things I need to accomplish this year. My big item is (re)learning French. I took it in school but never got to the point where I would ...


If you've been paying attention to any of your social network feeds recently, chances are, you have come across the trending “Bitstrips” images.



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Emoji Me Keyboard | Zmoji 12+

How to use bistrips



Once ...



Bitstrips iOS review

I remember the first Bitstrip I created before heading off to a college ball. In case, you don't know what a Bitstrip looks like, here's mine from 2013:


I created emoji that look like me, and now I never want to text without them | Business Insider



New way to post on Facebook: As well as the cartoons themselves, users post

[Image: bitstrips.jpg]

The feature was introduced to Snapchat in 2016, but now the firm has introduced '

Este es mi bitstrip. Foto: Especial

All set up: Once your avatar has been customised and created to look like you

Bitstrips Tutorial -- Creating your own outfits in the Comic Builder

A Bitstrips scenario for North America's annual Black Friday. (courtesy Bitstrips)

Status Comic

"Oh.. well.. okay," the nurse says. She leaves a few minutes later. "You fell asleep didn't you?" Kim asks. "What do you think?" Comic by Bitstrips

Cartoon likeness: Users create an avatar that resembles themselves and their friends - choosing different

Snapchat adds Bitmoji so you can add comic-style caricatures to messages | Daily Mail Online

Bitstrips iOS review

#bitstrip #bitstrips me giving my #Deladeso designed me so props


Once users have designed their personalized avatar they can share them within the Snapchap app.


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I am not saying I hate Edtech or start ups, I have done a countless number of things with them and happy to test and try out things and when I see ...

Back in March, reports surfaced that Snapchat shelled out $100 million for Bitstrips, a company that makes personalized comic strips based on your personal ...

Bitstrips is a fun Facebook app where you can make yourself into a cartoon! It is so fun and the best part is you can make your Facebook friends into ...



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