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Granny saw her She was leading the pod Orcas t Orcas

Granny saw her She was leading the pod Orcas t Orcas


Over a century old, “Granny” hasn't been spotted since early October. granny orca. “

Granny, a.k.a. J2, in 2010.

An international group of marine scientists wants the Canadian government to take steps to cut underwater noise in the Salish Sea off the southern coast of ...

The iconic J2 Granny, with her half-moon notch

The unique dorsal fin of J2 Granny, showing her half-moon notch, taken as she swam through Haro Strait in Washington State in 2007

Granny, also known as J2 was spotted travelling with a large male in the waters between Point Roberts and Saturna Island on Friday.

The Guardian

A orca jumps during a show at the Marineland on the French riviera city of Antibes, southeastern France, on March 17, 2016. / AFP / VALERY HACHE (Photo ...

... literally leading the way as her pod traveled from place to place. It wasn't uncommon to see Granny a mile or even several miles ahead of everyone else ...

Beautiful J1 Ruffles and J2 Granny in the still waters of Haro Strait gliding northbound just off the rocks at Lime Kiln State Park one late Summer's early ...

Orca pods are led by the oldest female, who is often in

Wild orcas, known as the L pod, recently welcomed the tiniest little calf to

There's the distinguishing cut in her fin, all that acrobatic breaching, and the fact that she was always out front, cruising through the Pacific Northwest ...

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Killer whales in the Pacific Northwest are identified by the shape of their dorsal fins and the pigment pattern and scars on the 'saddle patch' on their ...

Granny, the century-old orca now missing, presumed dead, stopped reproducing 40

“Whale Fingerprints”: How We Know Granny The Orca Is 103 Years Old

In this 2014 file photo, a female orca leaps from the water while breaching in Puget Sound west of Seattle. Whale researchers who track the small endangered ...

“Two icons of Jpod, "Blackberry" and "Granny".

15781148_1214499878587224_7679367906815982744_n. According to the Center for Orca ...

J pod members ...

RIP Granny: World's Oldest Orca Presumed Dead

Orcas - Within each pod, families form into sub-pods centered around older females, usually grandmothers or great-grandmothers.

You are looking at a recent photo of the world's oldest known orca, 104-

The San Juans lose its Granny

The oldest killer whale, known as Granny, missing and presumed dead at a possible age of 105 - The Washington Post

Granny or "J2" and family

Lead image source: Wikimedia Commons

Granny breaching water

Grannys Clan

Credit: Indiatimes.com

J2 Granny leads the way | Spirit of Orca Whale Watching & Wildlife Tours, Frida Harbort


She loves conversing with humans and opening human hearts to the magic of life.

J2 with her pod in 2011 (Photo: Center for Whale Research)

World's Oldest Orca Dies, Pod Without its Compass

J2, aka "Granny," is on the right, in a photo taken by drone in September. She's about to catch that salmon and feed it to J45, whose mother had just died.


...with the glaring sun and the fast pass it was difficult to see who all were present...when I saw Onyx L-87 I figured it was Group A...it was...my images ...

Oldest living orca 'Granny' visits NW over Mother's Day weekend

Grandma Orcas Are The Wisest Of Them All, And We're Not Surprised

First Case of Orca Infanticide Observed

It was estimated that the orca had been born in 1911 – one year before the

104-Year-Old 'Granny' Orca Spotted Leaping Wildly Out Of The Ocean

These whales were not seen in the San Juan Islands but it is an amazing video of a super pod of Orca. Rare parade of orcas give Galiano Island residents an ...

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Granny, pictured in 2014, was thought to be 105 years old. She was

SeaWorld was caught in a lie again, this time Granny the wild orca proves them wrong.

Granny, the foremost whale, was a central figure in Southern Resident social networks

Orca SRKW -J27 Blackberry - Chasing Salmon

A baby orca, sex unknown, was seen swimming between its mother and grandmother in Puget Sound in August.

Granny is a wise orca who is the Matriarch of J-pod, the Resident Orcas of Puget Sound in Washington state of the US.

Granny was heading straight for the pass, when we hear over the radio that transient orcas are ...

Experts have been studying whales in the North Pacific Ocean, called the Southern Resident Killer

Some Orca live with their families their entire lives. breeds whales that would never socialize in the wild, forming hybrid orca. One wild orca is Granny.

Southern resident killer whales live off the west coast of North America, near the border between the United States and Canada. Photo by Doug Perrine/Minden ...

Granny, the World's Oldest Known Orca, is Believed to Have Passed Away

Killer whales travel together through salmon foraging grounds

Evolutionary biologists have been studying orcas for more than a decade in the search for an evolutionary benefit to the menopause that would explain why it ...

105 Year Old Orca is Still Jumping for Joy in the Wild – Proof a Tank is Not the Key to a Long Life - One Green Planet

article image Op-Ed: Orcas ...

For many years, J1 Ruffles and J2 Granny were the symbols of the Southern Residents

100-Year-Old Killer Whale Grandmothers Guide Orca Pods To Food « CBS San Francisco

“One of my most favorite photos of not-so-little J49 T'

J1 Ruffles and J2 Granny of the Southern Resident killer whale community. I really loved working on this - both were such remarkable individuals.

Shark vs. orca ...

An older female orca leads the way with her pod trailing behind

Granny is a wise orca who is the Matriarch of J-pod, the Resident Orcas of Puget Sound in Washington state of the US.

Granny is the oldest known killer whale - a female with a vital role in her


Menopausal killer whales, like this spry 72-year-old, lead their families

A female killer whale and her newborn calf Reuters. Granny hasn't been seen ...

The mother orca was seen leaping and diving into the water as it hunted a sea lion.

Baby Orca number six is seen swimming off the San Juan Islands on Saturday with a whale dubbed Princess Angeline, herself a grandmother at 38-years-old.

This orca, named Granny, has roamed countless miles of blue ocean over her 103

She loves conversing with humans and opening human hearts to the magic of life.

Mother-daughter conflict drives orca menopause, new research shows.

A killer whale (Orcinus orca) jumps from the water near Canada's Saturna Island. | Credit: Miles Ritter/Flickr

A breaching orca or "killer whale." After 17 years of close study the

The West may have rejected whale captivity, but the painful relationship between humans and orcas is far from over

The orca known as J2 is shown in a 2007 handout photo. Researchers say they suspect one of the oldest killer whales in the West Coast's southern resident ...

Go go Granny Orca power

'We've seen another two white orcas in Russia but they've been. '

I think the saddle patch on the whale on the left looks a lot like Granny's photos, but I also see other orcas in the references who look similar.

In truth, he could have been even older. This is especially remarkable when you consider that many other male killer whales die in their 20s and 30s.

Orca whale family

According to the documentation, the eldest of the J Pod orcas is Granny (J-2). She is believed to be 105 years old. It is hard to imagine her experience and ...

Spotting an orca swimming alongside your water craft is an unforgettable experience for visitors to the San Juan Islands.

Orca on River Clyde