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Me if I ever got to meet Tom quotOh dear is she deadquot XD Heroes

Me if I ever got to meet Tom quotOh dear is she deadquot XD Heroes


My great grandma started giggling at a barbecue and when I asked what's funny, she said "everyone here is alive because I got laid"

Someone posted a whisper, which reads " my boyfriend doesn't know i put a dollar in an envelope every time he makes me orgasm & that's all I'm spending on ...

I automatically assume you're being friendly "You could flirt with me for years, but unless you come right out and say "date me" I'm never going to realise ...

"Musical tastes should not be based on my gender. If I want to rock out to Taylor Swift, damn it, I'm going to shake it off.

I don't run, so if you ever see me running, you better run too because there's…

When I got my seat I decided to meet the people around me. When I turned around I saw a super hot guy and when he ...

One time I argued with my friend about whether or not pigs had necks

I fell in love with the wrong guy, simply because the wrong guy said the

"Sometimes I "propose" to my girlfriend with a ring pop to embarrass her in public. This Thursday, we are going to the beach. This time it won't be a ring ...

My daughter wants to be a surgeon. She's My family tells me that I'm guiding her down the wrong path because she's a girl. She's my kid and if she wants to ...

My twin sister got her period two years ago...I haven't

"I got a boyfriend, but he lives in another nation ImagiNATION "

My last hope for a smoking hot body.

That happened in my class and the girl was my bully so I was just like

*When my name's in a math problem* Class:*stares at me* Me: that's right, I bought 60 watermelons

Except I think most girls

Hahahahaha so teue .

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Honestly this is so true but I'm sick of doing that for people who would never do that for me

I just see this as a story idea

I know this is weird but stick with me My boyfriend likes to squeeze me when

The waitress says "say when" when grating my cheese. I never say when. The room fills with parmesan. There are no survivors.

Next time a stranger talks to me when I am alone, I will just look at him shocked and just whisper quietly "You can see me?

Please do.

I really really hate when this happens, drives me insane

Someone from Hampton Bays, New York, US posted a whisper, which reads "My date told me tonight that he only eats the orange and yellow Starburst.

She is mine.. Only mine

Do they? More More

15 Year Old Boy Comes Home With A Porsche When His Parents Asked How He Said This funny quotes quote jokes

Oh my goodness has that happened to me! recently, too, and at a church meeting while the pastor was praying!

They are the cutest and coolest bugs ever. I mean, THEY LIGHT UP < >>>I don't have lighting bugs ...

I am infinitely happy I have Sushi... she really takes care of me. I have small stories that I don't know if I'll ever tell anyone because of how they might ...

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Rule I have raised her to be a faithful, trusting, loyal and honest young woman.she will never cheat on you or lie to you and will always stand by your side ...

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Please, my best friend, do this for me.

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Eyeroll until they roll out of my skull 😐😐😐 hate that stunt they pull then they wanna ask you why you still a virgin like.uh because I know my body is a ...

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Don't take life seriously, it's only a temp job! - Community - Google+

Wallpaper/background image of Nora Ekberg (The hot Albatraoz song girl from video https

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Someone from Lafayette posted a whisper, which reads "I drew this picture of my girlfriend and I so that I could have something to give her on Christmas ...

The best positions for conceiving and other sex tips #sexposition #sex. Let's talk

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If you think I'd like being woken up... you obviously don

Dorodere lel

Funny Facebook names

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Friend: "Hey, remember when you had a crush on - " Me: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

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Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo | "You dance differently when you know you

Ginger birthday - It's my birthday. And if you make me a carrot cake,

Know what you're getting into

“Help, I've fallen glamorously and I can't get up ;]” All of the other mannequins look like they're so sick of his shit.“God damn it, Jerry's at it again.

Spicy Lindsey Pelas shows sexy big breasts

How To Keep Everyone At Arm's Length And Never Enjoy An Authentic Human Connection: An Essential Guide

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Josan Gonzalez 7 July · Edited · 'The Walled City survived, but at what

haha took me a minute to get this one

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Too Young (18)

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Spicy Lindsey Pelas shows sexy big breasts | Women's fashion | Pinterest | Bigger breast, Models and Fashion

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Amazing body into cute titty drop | TITT'S | Pinterest | Amazing body, Drop and Boobs

Don't wanna be a blonde bimbo.

That thing we haunt me in my sleep. I can see in my nightMARES (sorry. I'll leave) that thing galloping towards me. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero ...

Lesbian Mom and Daughter, Cute romantic lesbian seduction

Women In Tight Jeans love them

Big black booty on the beach #swimwear

brooklyn-decker-in-yellow-bikini-in-hawaii-hq-12.jpg (1121×1717) | Brooklyn Decker Pt3 | Pinterest | Yellow bikini, Bikini babes and Bikini girls

Dream a little dream of me ✨

The mirrored sunglasses in white rounded frame will ideally compliment your sweet lady looking outfit.

Novinha gostosa dançando funk♪♪ HD #007#

That's definitely hard core!