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SU Fusion Rainbow Pyrite Druzy by Pioydeviantartcom on

SU Fusion Rainbow Pyrite Druzy by Pioydeviantartcom on


SU Fusion | Rainbow Pyrite Druzy by Pioy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt | steven universe stuff | Pinterest

Steven Universe Fusion: Obsidian by Pancake222 on @DeviantArt

FUSION: Rainbow Obsidian by Deer-Head on DeviantArt

SU Nebula by Pioy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Flourite- Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Peridot fusion Erin Esser

SU Fusion | Rainbow Pyrite Druzy by Pioy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt | steven universe stuff | Pinterest

FUSION: Richterite by Deer-Head on @DeviantArt

Steven Universe: Gem OC Purple Topaz by prpldragonart on DeviantArt

Gemsona Pinfire Opal by 7-Days-Luck on DeviantArt

steven+universe+fusions | He's my Steven Universe Avatar or "Gemsona" as

Steven Universe Fan fusion: Atlantisite by Pancake222 on DeviantArt

Ruby/Lapis fusion. Who does these seriously, I love them.

Lapis and Pearl fusion

Sodalite by Moxaji on @DeviantArt

What sort of SU fan would I be if I didn't fuse my gemsona's? Here is Chalcanthite, a fusion of Phantom Quartz and Fluorite.

Steven Universe Gem Fusion: Pietersite by DarkBox-V2K on DeviantArt

commission of wayward-mariner's gemsona, lepidolite! what a babe[commission info]

Homeworld Rainbow Quartz · Steven Universe Fan FusionsSteven Universe ...

damnmillionaire Rhodolite Amethyst and Ruby fusion

jasper and peridot fusion

My headcanon Garnet + Rose Quartz fusion: Rhodochrosite! Imagine how much PURE FUCKING LOVE this fusion is made of… i m a g i n e It's thunderstormin' like ...

Part two of my fusion call~ And I still got more fusions to draw X_X - - - All of these are fusions between my fellow SU fans' gemsonas & my own.

Stevvonie and Opal Fusion

Fourth fusion? i lost count Diamond fuses with her close friend and Team mate Emerald (info later) Flourite

Steven Universe Oc, Fandom, Gems, Gemstones, Rhinestones, Fandoms, Jewel

drusy quartz by nbpug on DeviantArt

FUSION: Rainbow Moonstone by Deer-Head on DeviantArt

SU Fusion | Crazy Lace Agate by Pioy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Gemsona Oc, Gemsona Fake, Insp Gemsona, Gemsona Stuff, Universe Gen, Universe. Steven Universe Fan FusionsSteven ...

Moonstone - pearl/lapis fusion

Gemsona: Obsidian by Tyshea.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A fusion of Amethyst, Pearl and Sapphire Steven Universe Fan fusion: Jeremejevite

Lapis Lazuli,SU Персонажи,Steven universe,фэндомы,Peridot,Fusion,SU

Spectrolite by Illzie on DeviantArt

[GEMSONA] Prism Reference Sheet by PRISMkidd on DeviantArt

gemsona fusions by fishervk on < < < <

Normally I draw a weapon with a fusion, but the secondary gem in this w. Poppy Jasper for

lapis and amethyst fusion

Gem Fusion Spectrolite by LMsHangout on DeviantArt

More information

opal and malachite fusion

Maybe Amber´s favourite fusion. Fusion between Amber + Celestine

the cluster by Simpelen on DeviantArt

“Jade for Owl UvU she has a mask, but owl is gonna draw that~!

Finish up some pictures I'm doing for some peeps. This one was a fusion with my gemsona Bloodshot and gemsona Ceylon. I ended up using Brookite as the m.

I wonder if anyone want to see steven and peridot's fusion Only me?

A fusion of Rose Quartz and Peridot as requested by Moonleaf1 I think Tourmaline would be

Steven Universe: White Beryl by PrincessCallyie.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Peridot and Amethyst fusion

how they are drawn might change idk still figuring out how to draw them Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar Original Creator + Design (c) Zuiker Blue Lace.

“meowgon said:a cat gem. a gem cat” cat gems! and their purrfect fusion

This was with a friend of mine she mainly is in Paigeeworld and stuff~ GemFusion!

even more, cuz what the hell why not Concept design for a fusion between Onyx and Pikokko 's Yellow Quartz (Citrine's true form), Spectrolite.

SUOC Gaspeite (FUSION) by FlareViper on DeviantArt

DeviantArt: More Collections Like Steven Universe AU: Peridot by MrNot-So-Dead

from DeviantArt · ruby and yellow sapphire fusion

Let's Create Our Own "Steven Universe" Gem Characters!

steven+universe+fusions | Steven Universe Gemsona: Kyanite by ky-nim

Aquamarine by RebeccaMetroStory on

White Sapphire

gemsona - Google Search

Lepidolite by Szaris.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The old SU faces were so weird. Especially Steven and Pearl.

Imagen de gif and steven universe

Sea Jasper by KurokiKumo on DeviantArt

Aquamarine custom Gemsona sheet for KayzieRaichu by azume-adopts on @DeviantArt

Gem Language, Steven Universe, peridot

Amethyst & Peridot

Custom gemsona fusion for Drew her sitting up since crouching would. Custom Gemsona fusion Blue Dalmatian for Araneados

SU: Citrine by Candlette on DeviantArt

A fusion of Amethyst and Ruby Steven Universe Fan fusion: Cinnabar

GEMSONA!!! by korrca on DeviantArt

Pearl fusion gems. Opal- Amethyst Sardonyx- Garnet Honey Jade- Sunstone Rainbow Pearl

Labradorite Gemsona Art trade by Littletde on DeviantArt

< < this is the definition of the Steven universe fandom (and beauty stfu)

Creature Design, Amethyst, Concept, Pearl, Steven Universe, Gem, Garnet, Fandom, Granada

steven, universe, stevenuniverse, amethyst, peridot < < < I feel like this gem wolde be a master of sass.

SU gemsona maker

My newest Steven Universe OC! She's got two tiny gems in her eyes and she can summon several throwing knives from them! Kunzite is an excellent matchmaker, ...

SU Fusion | Rainbow Pyrite Druzy by Pioy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt | Everyone's Gemsona | Pinterest

110 best autumns gem stories images on Pinterest | Character design, Gems and Universe

mituna gemsona by wunking

They are not sisters, in the episode Hit the Diamond they were FLIRTING. <-- not only that but like, watch keystone motel.

FUSION: Purple Crazy Lace Agate by Deer-Head

agate__gemsona__by_tinypop-d8mk8yr.png (1024×1535)

Gemsona Emerald by MissWiggleButt on DeviantArt


Nightshade Diamond Full ref by https://katourd.deviantart.com on @

You guessed it: I have a new Steven Universe OC! I am so happy

SU Custom | Painite by Pioy

Spirit Quartz, Steven Universe gemsona by Szukaj W.

ive been contemplating a jasper/garnet fusion sooo… spessartite! the marks on her arms and face are star shaped

my gemsona opal! i used opal because it's my birthstone idc if there's already an opal on the show lmao so if you say something like that your comment i.

Crystal+Gems+Steven+Universe | And finally this is a fusion between Pearl

She is my vision of what Lapis and Sapphire's fusion from Steven Universe would look like.

"Rose/Lapis Fusion" by Dou Hong

Amethyst and Rose fusion

gemsona | Tumblr

mrs-nabaja: “i fuse garnet and peridot in the gemsona maker and they make CITRINE! AAH and i just draw it yep, idk why i draw them as a cat, ...