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The Scythians pronounced 39SIHtheeuns39 were a group t

The Scythians pronounced 39SIHtheeuns39 were a group t


Ahead of our major exhibition opening in September 2017 we've compiled a handy beginner's guide to these nomadic warriors, who galloped into the pages of ...

A Pazyryk horseman in a felt painting from a burial around 300 BC. The Pazyryks appear to be closely related to the Scythians.

Scythians: Scythian tattoos.

East-West communication across Eurasia

It was a corrupt but powerful warlike group that decided to make their way to Egypt during the thirteenth dynasty.

General picture of the Iranian migration in Minor and Central Asia

And last important thing to note is that R1a appears on Balkans as early as 4200BC, when (proto) Scythians have first mixed with the local population.

The only places in Europe where the typical look is simultaneously “light-haired, light-eyed” are around the North Sea and Baltic Sea, and only if you don't ...

Orontius Finaeus map of 1531

Tarim - map where the mummies were found

Gold Scythian belt title, Mingachevir (ancient Scythian kingdom), Azerbaijan, 7th century BC

In what is said to be Alexander the Great's most spectacular battle, the Macedonian king tested their most daring tactics against the fierce Central-Asian ...

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Scythia from the late 5th to 3rd centuries BC[edit]

Ethnolinguistic groups of Afghanistan as of 2001

A Scythian comb made of solid gold.

Southeastern Europe in the second century BC.

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Very similar to modern day Uzbeks that are descendants of settled Persians and Turkic nomads who conquered them.

Josephus equates Magog with the Scythians (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 1, Chapter 6). The Scythians eventually settled in what is modern day Ukraine, ...

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Reconstruction of Golden Woman, the ancient Scythian Princess of Kazakhstan

40 nutty Mardi Gras dance and marching groups ... and counting

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Ancient Genome Suggests Native Americans Really Did Descend from the First Americans

Map showing the distribution of the major language families represented in Africa.

Ossetians are an Iranian people in the Caucasus, who were not mixed with the invaders due to relative isolation in the Caucasus Mountains) - here is a photo ...

Scythians and Sarmatians of ancient Ukraine (7 BC - 4 AD)

As this was already said in the 4-th paragraph, this ethnonym in Türkic means 'forest people or people with tree totem'. Later this ethnonym is met as ...

Note the lines “This was not an endurance contest”, “insisted he was not worthy”, “repeatedly stated that he was poor, humble, ...

Scythian dracanae

Philip IIBust, tentatively identified as Philip II of Macedonia, mid-4th century bce; in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.

Founders of Western civilisation were prehistoric dope dealers | New Scientist

Map 2: The initial expansion of Indo-Europeans took place around 4000 BC, with one group heading southwards, while the main body expanded into the ...

Princess Ukok

Calliope at the center, and clockwise from top: Socrates, Chilon, Pittacus, Periander, Cleobulus (damaged section), Bias, Thales, and Solon.


The Hittites, descendants of the Indo-Aryans, are credited with the invention of

Darius In Parse.JPG

But the most artistic of all the wonders were the tattoos, an interlocking array of fantastic beasts on the mummy's arms, shoulder, torso, and one leg.

Map from Mahmud al-Kashgari's Divanu Lughat at-Turk, showing the 11th century distribution of Turkic tribes

This triple burial from Oakington, Cambridgeshire, including metal and amber grave goods with continental

The truth about the Picts

... were reassured by an apostle that they are the descendants of father Lehi, an Israelite who the Book of Mormon claims sailed to the Americas in 600BC.

Furthest extent of Kievan Rus', 1054–1132

Lincoln as a frightened raccoon, Punch, January 11, 1862Library of Congress

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DNA Evidence Suggests Captured Russian Ape Woman Might Have been Subspecies of Modern Human | Ancient Origins

Bronze coin of Indo-Scythian King Azes

Ural Cossacks, c. 1799

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Great steppe of Kazakhstan in early spring 2004. The first Sarmatians are mostly ...

1907 map of Asia Minor, showing the local ancient kingdoms. The map includes the East Aegean Islands and the island of Cyprus to Anatolia's continental ...

Researchers are trying to extract DNA from skeletons buried in the ancient Philistine cemetery of Ashkelon, in what is now Israel.

Sacrifice of a pig in ancient Greece (tondo from an Attic red-figure cup, 510–500 BC, by the Epidromos Painter, collections of the Louvre)

Kore, daughter of Demeter, celebrated with her mother by the Thesmophoriazusae (women of the festival). Acropolis Museum, Athens.

Scythian wearing pants

Don't forget to look up when exploring the museum

Comb with a Scythians in Battle, Late 5th - early 4th century BCE

Udine 2018 Review: THE SCYTHIAN LAMB, A Bizarre Genre Hybrid Infused with Kaiju Folklore