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Whoa SHE IS DEMENTED IS RHE FACE Foxy killed the kid

Whoa SHE IS DEMENTED IS RHE FACE Foxy killed the kid



He scared the purple outta him 😂

here's part of my theory: Vincent was forced to kill the children because the CEO

The Title says it all  I seen that in FNAF 2 the purple guy kill maybe just maybe that the purple guy was the phone guy all along and then he was ...

Killing people with toast....... Briliiant ''The toast is so good, its KILLER.''

5 Nights at Freddy's Comics | Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's

An ask from Thebadestusernamet. Enjoy! X3 Artwork (c) Me FNaF (c

purple guy fnaf Mike & Vincent As well as one of the dead children.

purple guy fnaf 3 - Recherche Google

fnaf purple guy its true

-Purple guy by XxAkaneUchihaxX on DeviantArt The moment purple guy relies oh fuck

Of course Foxy plushie!


Beware: The bear bites.

The Bite of '87 by RaisedbytheVillains on DeviantArt Cool, but it wasn't

Ha, purple kid, Mike is still alive. Also, what's up with the look of Mike's face, I can't tell if he is angry or annoyed or whatever.

His favorite by Zifreeper

Twisted Foxy was created by William Afton, and tried to kill Charlie in "The

Mmmmmmm · Face ChartsDeathHalloweenPsHalloween ...

Sheesh, Shadow Bonnie, lay off of him. Also if you're wondering why all of my art has watermarks on them everywhere, its because my art is stolen and edited ...

[FNAF] Return of the Grape Man by KillersAndClowns on @DeviantArt

Will he save me? Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy x reader fanfic

If u had not read the one were purple guy is listing to it's been so long u will not get it Nixy : mike mike:ya nixy:we'll am I one of the kids killed ...

Also, this is so sad but he's suffering like how the kids suffered.

What's with the frown, Vincent?

Twisted Foxy ref sheet by MartiPL

Shirt for Sale ======= Nightmare Foxy Five Nights at Freddy's tshirt by Kaiserin. ========================= #FNAF


Just a picture sneak peek at what Foxy will most likely look like in my fan game, Five Nights In anime, while she first peaks out at the Pirate Cove!

fnaf nightmare foxy found the X


(Open RP I'll be Golden Freddy) I panicked and opened my mouth as the child fell to the floor. SpringBonnie backed away in fear.

You know I aways felt bad for mangle cus all them kids pulling her apart maby she was thee 1 who cased the bite of -Chica

They tried to electrocute him to death. He shorted out the power and laughed the

Not true, I'm sure all kids screamed. So whoever made this, clearly didn't check facts.

Dat face Aww he just wants a hug Mike


The Twisted Bunnies! Speedpaint: https://youtu.be/vRmOOaT2mFc

FNAF4 Comic - House Party - Page 18 - 7-18-16 by Mattartist25 ...

Foxy, cute, chibi; Five Nights at Freddy's

An intricate plot, non-stop bloody action and subject matter only suitable for adult audiences describes not only some of the most exciting movies ever to ...

A Guard's life

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because a banana.

Card 2 of 9Artwork · Foxy

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Rap's Climate Change Deniers

"Where did my stuffed animal go?"

The perfect short story Omakase which the magazine published a few weeks ago (June 18 2018) is a remarkable feat – interesting and truthfully and truly ...

Red Foxy

The Life, Times, Opinions, Shenanigans, & Other Satirical Badinage of Triston for Dummies Vol. 2: I'm Not Trying to be Funny or Brilliant.

And then we are treated to more crap during the videogame contest between Reichmonger and Jimmy. Of course, Jimmy beats the guy in a game that is a series ...


Untitled by grinderkiller1

Cartoon NN



Card 1 of 8Artwork · Jack Del Nero

His aesthetic is JPEG artifacts and Comic Sans chic, and it is just as ironic now as it was when he first designed it.

Oh my gawd foxy, Foot in mouth.

... Kailob's Floating Inside the Big Bubble (GIFT) by RioluFan1987 ...

... Happy Birthday InvaderSel by RioluFan1987 ...

kill them. “

Poor foxy ///// Now that was just uncalled for

Post ...


Chapstick is like 1.50 dude, I'll buy you some.

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Guillermo's standing in front of me blocking the sun. He takes the hammer and chisel out of my hands, which have long ago stopped carving.

dead kid

I don't want to kill! I just want to live!”

I glance down at my sneakers, thinking about that Churchill quote. What if there was a time when I was going through hell too, but I didn't have the courage ...

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GET OUT The End by TommyProductionsInc ...

They'll kill you. Finn: Maybe that's what I deserve. For what I've done. Clarke: You were trying to find our people.

It's about a rehab for bad kids and all they have them do is dig holes all day. I started to think this was some kind of demented ...

So once he finally died, he - like everyone else - waited for Jack, and then finally, I guess, he got to have a girlfriend, even if they were both dead.

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