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Drawn during work while a freaky beautiful fantastic crazy storm

Drawn during work while a freaky beautiful fantastic crazy storm


drawn during work, while a freaky, beautiful, fantastic, crazy storm raged outside... by burdge

burdge: drawn during work, while a freaky, beautiful, fantastic, crazy storm

drawn during work, while a freaky, beautiful, fantastic, crazy storm raged outside... by burdge | BurdeBug/Viria/DevianArt | Pinterest | Storms, Burdge bug ...

Custom Printed Wall Calendars | Pinterest | Lightning, Weather and Storms

Impressive Lightning Strike - Nature in Action Poster, 24x36

Hurricane Joaquin Spawns Storm Memes In Face Of Uncertain Path

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The company I worked for in Washington DC literally made us come to work during Hurricane Sandy.

Examining weather scenes in fiction yields a wealth of deep symbolism and gripping plot devices.

Overall that body of work is pretty minor in Kirby's career, partly because it wasn't available outside of the original anthology comics outside of a few ...

... but I kind of wish something had developed between Will and Casey and we could have seen them "all cleaned up" after the storm. Bring on a sequel!

Have You Ever Wondered.

1961) (left) shows the Human Torch as drawn in his first adventure. The depiction was altered when the story was reprinted in Fantastic Four Annual #1 ...

Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror)

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, best fantasy movies

storm. You're probably right. Most of the time conditions suck for most things. I don't want to list all the major corporations that were created in ...

Storm Clouds - Parenting an Angry Child

Art Student Freak Out, Smashes Painting

Jaw-dropping photos taken above CERN's Large Hadron Collider lead to wild new conspiracy theories and 'prove portals are opening'

Even though there's multiple marvelous POV to be found here, each book in the series will focus more specifically on one main character's past; ...


Art Student Freak Out, Smashes Painting

From The Twilight Zone to Penny Dreadful, Doctor Who and more, Den Of Geek's writers revisit the TV episodes that truly terrify them…

When fatguys have nothing to do, they invent new characters. Yeah, they are pretty bored.

Things I Have Drawn Report

The Human Torch (Johnny Storm) in flight

Princess Mononoke, best fantasy movies

ghost boy from japanese horror film ju-on the grudge


That Miranda Lambert chose this billowing storm cloud of a road song to introduce a double album is a directorial home run. It's not hard to imagine several ...

Scary Painting


The short - but eventful - life of Ike

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Fantastically Wrong: The Murderous, Sometimes Sexy History of the Mermaid | WIRED

The heavily-pregnant woman filmed her massively swollen belly as the baby began to dance


... (pre-production ...

When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose. You're invisible now. You've got no secrets to conceal.

Things I Have Drawn Report

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Terrifying Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand | Bored Panda

Scary Painting



The idea behind this work was to create a fantasy world. You will learn how to work with a few images and create a really interesting photo manipulation.

When they're only just dating you to pass on a curse that SUMMONS a

#1 Friend Of Mine's Math Teacher Responds To A Doodle He Drew On His Test

Dad Turns His 6-Year-Old Son's Drawings Into Reality And The Results Are Both Creepy And Hilarious (10+ Pics)

Kid Drawings

A young Houston couple, adapting to climate change. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

... Jivi an oddly tranquil one when he threatens to throw Duane out of a safe place into the storm going on outside when Duane is out of his mind at night.

Another dreamy exercise in dread by Oz Perkins, Pretty Thing follows a young nurse, Iris (Ruth Wilson of Luther fame), ...


Blowin' in the Wind[edit]

5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Have Sex with a German Dude

Things I Have Drawn Report

Orlando, best fantasy movies

... though she wears shoes in the final version.

Side B: 1 A Couple Wrongs Makin' It Alright, 2 Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive), 3 Drank Like Hank, 4 A Little Bit Trouble. 5 While You Still Can

man and woman wearing masks in a page of madness

If your usual Instagram feed full of pictures of your friends hanging out without you and celebrities hanging out without you is feeling a little one-note, ...

Big Trouble in Little China, best fantasy movies

Jasinda Wilder's writing can draw out every deep-seated emotion and feeling I ever knew existed within me and make it all so painfully beautiful as well as ...

Will something terrible happen in there or will something terrible happen if they refuse to go in? I defy you to say that isn't horror.

It's important to remember that it's okay to take your time when picking out a name that best suits you or the account you run.

I don't typically go in for crossovers, but is this an OTP or what? Art by Kazeki.

Fantastic Disintegration Effect inspired by Watchmen in Photoshop watch-men

Jason and the Argonauts, best fantasy movies


The Invisible Woman (Susan "Sue" Storm-Richards)

For those in or getting out of a romantic relationship with a self-absorbed individual, the silent treatment can feel like a punishment worse than death.

Love And Friendship

The doll (circled) appears to move its head to the side on its own


Funny and Sarcastic Facebook Status Updates and Quotes

... heath or in a beautiful park, you feel as if that's where you belong. It restores your very being to reconnect with grass and trees, ocean and rocks.

1. Spend an entire Sunday Funday getting wasted on Fort Lauderdale Beach


Manic Pixie Dream Girl

1. Spend an entire Sunday Funday getting wasted on Fort Lauderdale Beach

man covered in machinery from tetsuo the iron man

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The Tale of Laughing in the Dark - Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1992)

Arguably, house and techno are currently trapped in a bit of an aesthetic rut—way past the stage of refinement and locked in stasis, while the more ...

Fantastic Four


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Did this to MacGargan ◊, when ...

Elsa claims her sexuality as well as her individuality! She's a modern woman!

The Neverending Story, best fantasy movies